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The Sustainables


Gary Burke, Rick Martin, Rachel Armstrong, John Reed, Peter Grayling

A group of well-known Fremantle musicians formed especially for a performance on 31 May 2013.
They have contributed to the music scene in Fremantle for many years and provide a pot pourri of familiar and lesser known songs that reflect aspects of the Heritage and Arts themes of life in Fremantle. They are "The Sustainables" - Rick Martin (guitar vocals), John Reed (cittern vocals) Peter Grayling (cello), Rachel Armstrong (fiddle, vocals) and Gary Burke (double bass). They all play ukulele as well.
A unique performance of acoustic music; part of the quiet revolution.
Sustainability is basically the capacity to endure. The arts, sense of place and heritage are all critical, albeit frequently over-looked aspects of a strong community fabric. This band puts the record straight by encouraging celebration of what we do here in Freo.