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Chiacking Around

An Audiologue of music inspired by Tim Winton's classic WA novel, Cloudstreet

chiacking around

Before All This Happened
Chiacking Around
There's That Fella
Into the Long Spiral
Prawning on the Margaret
Fish is Drowning
Almost a Miracle
Abrolhos Awakening the Shifty Shadow
Fish is Not Right
That Fella Again
Hi Hopes for the House that Eurythmic Bought
These Walls Have Stories
Baulking at Shadows
Fish Finds Middle C
Beckoning Staircase
Library with a History
Memory of Better Times
Time Alone in a Tent
cloudstreet Luck's Shifting
It's Stickability Quick
What's That Fella Know?
Father and Daugher: Your Wife My Mother
How Lonely the Night
The Breeze Made in Passing

Ross Bolleter, Cameron Brook, Lee Buddle, Gary Burke, Peter Grayling, Craig Kelly, Rick Martin, Mike Perkins, Ian Simpson, Scott Wise